The Fel Hunter (No, not the lock pet! D: )

Anytime anyone mentions the word “fel”, it stirs up pictures in my head of neon-green smoke, lava, monsters, weapons. It always makes me remember Hellfire, in the Pools of Aggonar, slaying little oozes. And of course, that bastard Fel Reaver. I was very inspired by this, and as soon as I spotted a certain pair of mail shoulders, I knew I had to make a “fel” set. Thus, the Fel Hunter set was born.

This set was also posted by me (a bit different at the time though) on MMO champion, but, those darn pants NEVER dropped so I had to look for alternatives. Here is the current result:

Well,  as you can see, most of this set comes from the TBC hunter Gladiator set, making this transmog hunter-only.  The set was modeled around the Shoulders, and I did my best to match up the rest of the pieces. Finding a matching weapon was a bit tricky as well, but I did the best I could.

Enough chit-chat, pictures!


Worry not, young hunter! I am here to provide weapon alternatives!

If bows are your thing, I suggest the Bristleblitz Striker. Sure, it has some blue-ish hue maybe, but it’s hardly noticeable unless you really, really zoom in. This bow is one of the most famous TBC weapons, and Archimonde’s face will really complete that TBC-fel feel.


You love guns? Here’s Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle. This unique-looking gun has to be one of my favorite gun models, and that’s coming from someone who can’t really stand guns. It was my original idea to use this weapon, until I obtained the bow, but now I’m really torn. However, keep in mind that this gun is a WORLD BOE DROP from Outland, so it might be a bit harder to obtain. Nontheless, it makes a great addition to the set, mainly because it looks fel-powered.


Are you a crossbow kinda person? The Legionkiller is here. Sure, this weapon is a bit brighter than the other two, but the unique-glaviethrower look it has and the fel-breath coming out of it really makes this crossbow look like it’s a part of this set. (I have yet to obtain this, silly RNG, that’s why I’m showing it in a model viewer.)

Notice how I did NOT include staves or polearms. Simple, they wont matter in MoP. Your ranged weapon will be all you need, and it will seethe on your back. To me, that’s awesome.


What’s that you say? You want more tips? SUER!!1!

Here’s some pets that will go with this set. YES, I EVEN THOUGHT OF THAT.

I won’t really give much detail about each pet, trying to keep this short. I will give a link of the skin from Petopia, so you can go browse for whichever pet is nearest or the same level as your hunter.

 The Armored Green Scorpion

The Green Devilsaur (BM)

The Green Core Hound (BM)

The Black and Green Felboar

Of course, there’s many, many other pets, like Winna’s Kitten etc, but I want you to explore which pet you want to use. I’m only giving suggestions, after all, not forcing pets on you.




Head: None (but you can explore, of course!)

Shoulders: Gladiator’s Chain Splauders

Chest: Mail of the Geyser

Hands: Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets

Belt: Vindicator’s Chain Girdle (love this model btw)

Legs: Gladiator’s Chain Leggings

Feet: Tsunami Boots (they do NOT show on Worgen, Draenei, Tauren etc but are very minimal on other feet-classes.)

If you exclude the chest and boots, this set is fully obtainable for a level 70 (if you’re twinking!). The weapons as well are all TBC.

Hope you like this set, it certainly is FELicious! (hurr)

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7 Responses to The Fel Hunter (No, not the lock pet! D: )

  1. Netty says:

    Thank you this set its really looks amazing :)

  2. Cymre says:

    Great looking set there and you even offer colour co-ordinated pets! I tend to do that with my non-combat ones :)

  3. Wynter says:

    Sorry, just came across this post. You mentioned that there were another set of legs in the MMO Champions picture for this set but that they never seemed to drop. What were they?

    Love the set by the way.

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