ODB…D- Old Dirty Black Dragonflight.

OKAY not the best title but ’tis a nice tribute.

Also /gasp, I have other races than Draenei! Anyway, the Black Dragonflight doesn’t really get much attention now that Deathwing is gone, so here’s a tiny reminder how awesome they are.  This set was made very accidentally, but it works and I bet you haven’t seen a similar combo. ALSO, I have a little surprise at the end of the post so stay tuned! Aight.

Well, my warlock obtained this helm some time ago in an Ulduar run, and I just didn’t know what to do with it. You always see warlocks wearing this helm with either the Runecloth robe or some white priest recolor, pretending they’re nice guys BUT I’M ONTO YOU.
So, I felt like this helm deserves something more sinister. After all, it gives your character a total poker-face. Did I mention it also makes your eyes glow?

One thing led to another in MogIt and this was…something:

I was like ” A-HA! …but…what the hell is it? How do I describe it?” So I told my bf to come meet me in Stormwind, maybe he has an idea what the hell I’m supposed to be. His first words? “Black Dragonflight!” And I was like FECK YES! Other than Deathwing (jawing amirite) I don’t think there has been many Black Dragonflight members in human forms.

So, here’s a potential RP outfit to be one! Following a spam of pics that just turned out damn nice:

Well of course, you can’t properly see the colors there (that’s taken inside Blackrock Mountain), so I decided to go to another red, Black Dragonflight-infested zone: Badlands. If you haven’t done that zone, GO DO IT. Some hilarious chains, but also some very, very sad ones. Just go now, thank me later :P

Then I realized, Dragonflights usually take Elf forms, not human (except Katrana but we all know how that ended up), so here’s the set in a Belf form!

And here they both are, so you can compare and pick.

And just to show you how dedicated I am to my viewers/readers, I actually crafted 2 freaking Nightfalls on my warrior JUST SO MY WRATHGUARD CAN DUAL-WIELD THEM. Yes.

OH YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS A MUST? THE MOUNT, OF COURSE. Even though that would be like…riding yourself….but still!

Right-O! No more pics, I promise (or do I?).

Also, this chest piece has a model bug, meaning it will deform your arms so you have to wear something underneath. The entire set is not class-specific, and you can obtain the entire set at min. 80. Some raiding will be required, including Ulduar and Blackwing Lair, but they can be soloed/duoed nowadays. You will need some AH luck, and some JP for some of the pieces, also a tailor. Here’s a list of all the items:

Head: Lifespark Visage

Shoulders: Magician’s Mantle

Chest: Watcher’s Tunic

Shirt: Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing (gives that dirty, bloody look)

Wrist: Condor Bindings

Hands: Farshire Gloves 

Belt: Embersilk Cord

Legs: Legwraps of the Master Conjurer

Feet: Linen Boots

Staff: Staff of the Shadow Flame

Hope you have some sinister fun with this set. And……..as I said earlier…….I made something else.

If you’ve been on my About Me page (which I doubt people do xD) you’d see that I’m into make-up and in the process of opening my own make-up parlor. So, in honor of this transmog and others that will follow, I will also do and include a make-up look for each set.


So yes this is finally the end of this post. See you Tuesday for RRT and some more BWT!


I also really, really want to thank you all for the kind words about my art. Especially Draynee for the Tweet, it was a real honor and a very pleasant surprise :) And I really love that you all commented, because now I found about many other lovely blogs! You were all an inspiration to do more art, and I will as soon as I get either free time or an inspiration.



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5 Responses to ODB…D- Old Dirty Black Dragonflight.

  1. Kamalia says:

    Wow, this is a brilliant outfit! Kudos to the BF, too, for suggesting “Black Dragonflight” as a name for it — that’s absolutely perfect!

  2. Draynee says:

    I was happy to tweet about your wonderful art!

    This is a great mog, I really love that tunic! And your eye makeup, AMAZING!! You are such a great artist :D Good luck with your make-up parlor!

    Oh and PS – your BF is totally cute posting in the comments :) I’m done gushing now, LOL!

  3. Soco says:

    That make up is amazing! Great transmog too. That chest is from a quest in Nagrand right? I think I wanted it for my Priest but sadly did the quest during BC and must have gotten ride of the chest D:

    • Sam says:

      Yes it is from Nagrand :( Sadly I discarded it on my priest as well, but I just thought I’d use it on my lock so that such a lovely piece doesn’t go unnoticed :)

  4. haenlic says:

    wow, that is a nice outfit! I love how it is all dark and stuff :)
    Also, awesome make-up! :)

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