Turquoise is in! Priestess of Yu’lon

Everyone knows Turquoise is the color of Pandaria! Everywhere you look, it’s there. Just a great color, fits the theme, and just looks lovely on females. And yes, you’ve probably seen this set many times on many blogs or in-game, but still. You usually see it with different armor pieces, so here’s my rendition of this very very shiny set.

First things first: what inspired me. Simply put, the entire Jade forest Yu’lon questline. I was literally bawwing by the end of that chain, when spoiler and when Yu’lon tells her story. I was literally like, I MUST DO SOMETHING IN HER HONOR! So, I worked around how to include the tabard and the color, and this was the result:

Very mystical, princess-y, priestly, and most of all, a great tribute to Yu’lon. And of course,  the Order of the Cloud serpents tabard makes a cameo too! Awesome way to include both Jade forest, and the awesome faction located in Jade forest. Here’s a screenie I managed to grab of Yu’lon while I was on the quest, just so you can see the reference in case you’re not there yet!

Just a glorious, glorious creature with an amazing story. A real inspiration, and just kudos to Blizzard for this chain (and actually the entire Pandaria!). I don’t get people who skip through quests, YOU’RE MISSING OUT, DOODS! Take a few seconds, read what’s going on and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Anyway, here’s a few more screenshots of my priest in Jade forest, so you can see the set nicely.(Click on thumbnails for higher res!)

Okay a few things about the items. It’s very hard to find gloves! Yes, there’s the Arachnidian gloves but I don’t really like their model, so I decided to go with some wrist-high gloves and use these gorgeous braces. Sure, the choice is totally up to you, and I know this isn’t the best match, but you gotta admit those are some sexy braces!

The staff is also a bit random and unfitting, but it’s the only Turquoise staff I could find that was easy to obtain and looked decent with the set. You are welcome to use any other staff or MH+OH combination, but right now I just didn’t have time to compose alternatives, sorry!

I did however, find this screenshot from when I used the set and didn’t have a staff yet:

As you can see, I’m using a wand and offhand that are BOTH light-sources, meaning the illuminate things around them. Needless to say, it’s a pretty decent effect. Your character is literally glowing, especially in darker zones. Fancy.

(Sadly I don’t remember what the items are, but there’s literally tonnes of them on the AH, just look for any off-hand or wand and preview them in the Dressing room)

Right, one more thing! Here’s the set on a Blood elf Female AND a Human female! (thanks to illusions and items)

And I’m sorry, I usually post mounts and pets/minipets, but I simply did not have time to take those screenshots (mostly cause I remembered RIGHT before I started typing this), so instead of screenshots I’m gonna give a few links from Warcraft mounts:

Azure Netherwing Drake, Azure Riding Crane, and of course, the Jade Cloud Serpent. Even though it’s not the same color or is as turquoise, it’s a nice tribute to the whole zone/Yu’lon.


Overall, this set is easy to obtain. You might have a hard time obtaining the robes, as you’d need to either solo or raid Ahn’Qiraj, and just pray to the RNG gods. Shoulders are a quest reward, belt is PvP bought, wrists are JP bought, tabard needs Exalted but it can also be excluded. The legs that I’m using are kinda hard because they’re a world drop, but you can use anything because only a small portion is visible. Also cause hooves ftw, I don’t know what boots go well so you’re on your own :P The headpiece is the only thing that’s tier-bound, you need to be a Priest, but you can also exclude it or find an alternative.

Finally, list of the items:

Head: Circlet of Faith

Shoulders: Lightning Infused Mantle

Chest: Robes of the Guardian Saint

Wrist: Runed Spell-Cuffs

Hands: Sage’s gloves (or anything else)

Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy

Legs: Kamaei’s Cerulean Skirt

Feet: I Dunno lol ¯\(°_o)/¯


Tabard: Order of the Cloud Serpent tabard

Weapon: Staff of Athen’a


That’s it. Boom.


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5 Responses to Turquoise is in! Priestess of Yu’lon

  1. Draynee says:

    This a wonderful outfit for such a beautiful tabard! Nice job :D

    • Sam says:

      Thank you \o/
      I’m trying to make a set for maybe all of the Pandaria tabards, currently working on the August Celestials one cause that thing is gorgeous.
      Thanks for stopping by <3

  2. Cymre says:

    That tabard is a great match! It’s a shame there aren’t more seamless pants to go with those dresses.

  3. Seraphaen says:


    How do I get this look? I have all absolution gear for my Shadow Priest, but I really love and want this look. Help? Thank you!

    • Sam says:

      Sorry for late reply, was abit busy. They’re all priestly items, all from different sets.

      Head: Valorous Cowl of Sanctification
      Shoulders: Merciless Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
      Chest: Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Rainments (Heroic)
      Staff is sadly no longer in-game, it’s Anathema.

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