RRT – introduction.

I think I want to introduce a new thing, which will be Random Ramblings Tuesday, or RRT. I named my blog “of Transmogs and Random Ramblings”, and so far I’ve only done transmogs. I don’t wanna just focus on that, so here’s some random thoughts, ideas, ramblings. 

Please note: Ramblings won’t be just negative things. I just sometimes need to share some ideas that don’t involve transmog :O

SITE UPDATE: I included another page on the top right here, that includes links from my favorite blogs/sites. Please let me know if you want yours to be included! <3


First rambling of the day: The Vanilla was better argument, There was an argument going on in Jade forest few days ago, so it really “inspired” me to write this, my humble opinion.

No, it wasn’t.

Gameplay, graphic, content, everything-wise, the game has improved. If you’re no longer enjoying WoW, it isn’t because it’s dying (lol) or because Vanilla was better, it’s because you simply outgrew it, and it’s time to move on.

Disagree? Tell me why, I’d love to know ^_^

But please, people who say “Vanilla was actually challenging”, it was only challenging because it was new, buggy, non-balanced and Blizzard really didn’t know what they were doing. Just take a look at Molten Core and how the bosses and trash are spread, enough said. If you want challenge, do Ironman! Get to 90 naked! Do it while only holding a fish! The only thing stopping you isn’t the game, it’s you. You can modify the game to suit your needs.

Enough of that, don’t wanna get in any trouble.


IN OTHER NEWS, LUNAR FESTIVAL IS ABOUT TO END! Please pick up your dresses, achievements, pets, whatever you need in time!

I simply LOVE the Lunar Festival dresses and suits. They especially suit Pandaria, I’ve seen so many Pandaren NPC’s wearing one of the festival suits or dresses. They look very oriental, the designs are gorgeous, so even if you’re not on a RP realm, just pick one up!

6 of each can only be bought from the vendor, and 2 are Tailor-made, but please note the patterns are vendor-bought only during Lunar Fest. So, hurry! You only need 30 coins to buy all the dresses/suits, or just 5 for one.

Here’s a link from a lovely guide from WoWhead, everything you need to know is included there.

I bought them all, of course :P

Red ones are tailor made, rest are bought. Hurry!


In real life news, don’t you just hate junk mail? Sure, it’s easy to ignore, but I can’t believe how fast I receive junk mail -_- I once made the mistake of making a Runescape account (why not, it’s the godfather of all MMO’s). I played for only a bit and gave up cause I had no time for two MMO’s, and oh boy. I had no idea what I got myself into. Look at this:

That’s just a small part of my abnormally large Junk folder. My gods. Note the times of each one, they’re literally minutes away from each other. If only they were emails to notify me of blog comments :P *winkwink*

In sort-of web related news, I can’t leave comments on any Blogspot/Blogger users from my WordPress account. That sucks bigtime and it’s an issue for many people, so I had to make a dummy Blogspot account that includes my site name. So if you see me posting from there, that’s me!


That’s it for this first post. Hopefully my -2 readers will enjoy it, if not, eh. I will include more gameplay stuff soon, just had nothing going on right now. I’m in the middle of an exam session and it’s taking up my time.

But hey, Love is in the Air is coming very soon so I will post about that!

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One Response to RRT – introduction.

  1. Gareth says:


    I agree with what you have to say about Vanilla WoW, It was not harder it was New, Classes were not balanced, neither were dungeons, in fact nothing was, I have played 70 MMOs in my time and I could say this about them all as they change things, but you learn to adapt and if you dont like it leave, dont sit there trying to argue about it … its not going to bring anything back, so why bother, sit down and enjoy the game as it is now… thanks!

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